Bring clarity to asthma management

Take the guesswork out of corticosteroids. Monitoring detailed FeNO results now and over time helps pinpoint the most effective anti-inflammatory treatments and dosing levels.

Fenom Pro® Asthma Monitor

A finely-tuned instrument for guiding preventative treatment decisions

A rising FeNO level is an early sign of worsening eosinophilic inflammation. Orchestrate treatments with confidence by tracking your patients’ FeNO on every visit.

Reliable Value

Count on the proven technology of Fenom Pro™ for dependable test results, better adherence, and lower costs.

  • Accurate results you never have to question: ± 5 ppb or 10% maximum
  • Only successful tests require payment, and purchased tests do not expire
  • In-office testing promotes better adherence

Convenient Use

Enjoy fast results with the shortest test times in the industry. It doesn’t get more user-friendly than Fenom Pro™.

  • 10-second test time
  • Your patient breathes into the device just before other spirometry; results ready seconds later
  • Easily integrated into your existing workflow
  • Store patient history and print records with our PC software (Windows only)

Intuitive Design

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to use and maintain.

  • Simple and straightforward clinical application
  • Comfortable hardware, mouth pieces, and ergonomic grip

Want to know more?

Refer to the Fenom Pro® spec sheet for technical specifications